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Commercial & Domestic Excavations

Our Machines


Our 16 Ton excavator is always busy and very reliable. Its versatility to suit an array of work sites is second to none and our operators are fully qualified and very capable. Often used for general site cuts, large development sites, basement digs and bulk earthworks. Our machines have many attachments.


Our Dozer is often used to push spoil over on large tip sites or clean up works

Mini Grader

If you require a driveway expertly levelled to your requirements then this is the machine for you, its laser features are very precise and help to achieve the desired works. Also used for carparks and horse ménages. Often used for farms lanes and tracks it can be used in smaller areas- call us to find out!


Our newest member of the team is excellent for a variety of jobs, often used for spoil clean up after other trades have been on site it will leave a great finish. The bobcat Can be used to load trucks or push around rock products as well. Larger than the average bobcat this machine is very versatile on many sites.

We can source other machines as your jobs require- Don’t hesitate to ask!

Our Clients